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Applies to these State Exams:

N31 Arizona (Phoenix) Journeyman Mechanical
N34 Arizona (Phoenix) Journeyman Gas Pipe Fitter
747 Arizona (Phoenix) Journeyman Gas Pipe Fitter
749 Arizona (Phoenix) Journeyman Plumber With Gas Piping
W25 Arizona (Phoenix) Journeyman Plumber
Cable Tool Drilling Exam A/B
R-37S Solar
R-4S Solar
R-37R Plumbing (Residential)
R-37 Plumbing, Including Solar (Residential)
R-16 Fire Protection Systems (Residential)
R-11 Electrical (Residential)
CR-21 Hardscaping and Irrigation Systems (Residential/Commercial)
A19/B6 A-19 Swimming Pools, Including Solar (Commercial) and B-6 General Swimming Pool Contractor, Including Solar (Residential)
A-17 Electrical and Transmission Lines (Commercial)
A-16 Waterworks (Commercial)
A-12 (CR-80) Sewers, Drains and Pipe Laying (Commercial)
A11/R17 A-11 Steel and Aluminum Erection (Commercial) and R-17 Structural Steel and Aluminum (Residential)
A9/B5 A-9 Swimming Pools (Commercial) and B-5 General Swimming Pool Contractor (Residential)
A-7 Piers and Foundations (Commercial)
C-74 (CR-74) Boilers, Steamfitting and Process Piping, Including Solar (Commercial)
CR-65 Glazing (Residential/Commercial)
CR-70 Reinforcing Bar and Wire Mesh (Residential/Commercial)
C-49 Industrial Refrigeration (Commercial)
C-37 (CR-37) Plumbing (Commercial)
CR-12 Elevators (Residential/Commercial)
C-4 (CR-4) Boilers, Steamfitting and Process Piping (Commercial)
B-3 (CR-61) Limited Remodeling and Repair Contractor (Residential/Commercial)
CR-48 Ceramic, Plastic and Metal Tile (Residential/Commercial)
CR-42 Roofing (Residential/Commercial)
CR-41 Septic Tank and Systems (Residential/Commercial)
C-58 (CR-58) Warm Air Heating, Evaporative Cooling and Ventilating (Residential/Commercial)
R39R/C39 (CR-39) Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (Residential/Commercial)
R-39/C-79 (CR-79) Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Including Solar (Residential/Commercial)
C-78 (CR-78) Solar Plumbing, Liquid Systems Only (Residential/Commercial)
CR-34 Painting and Wall Covering (Residential/Commercial)
CR-31 Masonry (Residential/Commercial)
CR-15 Blasting (Residential/Commercial)
CR-67 Low Voltage Communications Systems (Residential/Commercial)
R-9/C-9 (CR-9) Concrete (Residential/Commercial)
CR-8 Floor Covering (Residential/Commercial)
C-77 (CR-77) Plumbing, Including Solar (Commercial)
C-16 (CR-16) Fire Protection Systems (Commercial)
C-11 (CR-11) Electrical (Commercial)
R-4 Boilers, Including Solar (Residential)
B/B-2 B General Residential Contractor and B-2 General Small Commercial Contractor
B-4 General Residential Engineering
B-1 General Commercial Contractor
KA Dual Engineering
National Residential Fire Sprinkler Design and Installation W33
CR-7 Carpentry
A-4 Drilling
A-5 Excavating, Grading and Oil Surfacing
C-6 Swimming Pool Service and Repair
A-14 Asphalt Paving
C-10/C-1 Drywall and Acoustical Systems
C-53 Water Well Drilling
C-56 Welding
CR-6 Swimming Pool Service and Repair
CR-10/CR-1 Drywall and Acoustical Systems
CR-56 Welding
R-2 Excavation, Grading and Oil Surfacing
CR-2 Excavating, Grading and Oil Surfacing
CR-69 Asphalt Paving
R-6 Swimming Pool Service and Repair
R-10/R-1 Drywall and Acoustical Systems
R-13 Asphalt Paving
R-53 Water Well Drilling
R-54 Water Conditioning Equipment
R-56 Welding
C-36 Plastering
C-40 Insulation
C-60 Finish Carpentry
CR-36 Plastering
CR-40 Insulation
CR-60 Finish Carpentry
R-36 Plastering
R-40 Insulation
R-60 Finish Carpentry
CR-54 Water Conditioning Equipment
CR-53 Water Well Drilling
B-10 Premanufactured Spas and Hot Tubs
C-3 Awnings, Canopies, and Patio Covers
CR-3 Awnings Canopies and Patio Covers
A-15 Seal Coating
CR-66 Seal Coating
CR-57 Wrecking
R-57 Wrecking
C-57 Wrecking
CR-24 Ornamental Metals
C-24 Ornamental Metals
C-38 Signs
R-24 Ornamental Metals
C-14 Fencing
R-14 Fencing
R-45 Sheet Metal
CR-45 Sheet Metal
CR-14 Fencing
R-22 House Moving
NASCLA NASCLA-Accredited Examination - Commercial General Building Contractor
A General Engineering (Commercial)