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Code of Federal Regulations, 29 CFR Part 1926 (OSHA) 2017

Code of Federal Regulations, 29 CFR Part 1926 (OSHA) 2017
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Make compliance with dense government safety regulations simple with MANCOMM’s 29 CFR 1926 OSHA Construction Industry Regulations. Updated through January 2017, the book provides you with a comprehensive set of the most up-to-date Construction regulations. Utilizing MANCOMM’s signature formatting approach – RegLogic – this edition includes notations for changes within the past year and letters of reference.

Publisher MANCOMM
Publication Year 2017

Applies to these State Exams:

C-2 Electrical Contractor
C-37C Solar Air Conditioning Contractor
C-15A Roofing Contractor
C-6B Sign Contractor
C-5 Concrete Contractor
C-4 Painting and Decorating Contractor
C-3B Finish Carpentry
C-3A Carpentry and Repairs
C-3 Carpentry, Maintenance, and Minor Repairs
C-2G Photovoltaics
C-2F Residential Wiring
C-2E Lines to Transmit Electricity
C-2A Electrical Wiring Contractor
C-21G Industrial Piping
C-37D Solar Pool Heating Contractor
C-37B Solar Space Heating
C-37A Solar Water Heating Contractor
C-37 Solar Contractor
C-23 Drilling Wells
C-21F Chilled and Hot Water Systems
C-21E Solar Air Conditioning Contractor
C-21D Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Maintenance Contractor
C-21C Sheet Metal Contractor
C-21B Air Conditioning Contractor
C-21A Refrigeration Contractor
C-21 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Contractor
C-1K Industrial Piping
C-1I Chilled-Water Piping
C-1F Heating, Cooling and Circulating Air Contractor
C-1E Sheet Metal
C-1D Plumbing Contractor
C-1C Pipe and Duct Insulation
C-1A Boilers
C-18 Masonry Contractor
C-17 Lathing and Plastering
C-15 Roofing and Siding Contractor
C-14A Reinforcing Steel
C-14 Steel Reinforcing and Erection
C-13 Sheet Metal Contractor
C-1 Plumbing and Heating Contractor
B-2 Residential and Small Commercial General Building Contractor
B General Building
A-7 Excavating and Grading
A-20 Industrial Piping Contractor
A-19B Pipelines and Conduit for Gas
A-19A Pipelines and Conduits for Water
A-19 Pipeline and Conduits
A-17 Lines to Transmit Electricity
A-16 Paving of Streets, Driveways, and Parking Lots
A-15 Sewers, Drains, and Pipes
A-12 Excavating, Grading, Trenching, and Surfacing
A - General Engineering
NASCLA Accredited Examination - Commercial General Building Contractor
C-4A Painting Contractor
R-39 C-79 Solar
R-37R Plumbing (Residential)
R-37 Plumbing, Including Solar (Residential)
R-11 Electrical (Residential)
CR-21 Landscaping and Irrigation Systems (Residential/Commercial)
A-19 Swimming Pools, Including Solar (Commercial) and B-6 General Swimming Pool Contractor, Including Solar (Residential)
A-17 Electrical and Transmission Lines (Commercial)
A-16 Waterworks (Commercial)
A-12 (CR-80) Sewers, Drains and Pipe Laying (Commercial)
A-11 Steel and Aluminum Erection (Commercial) and R-17 Structural Steel and Aluminum (Residential)
A-9 Swimming Pools (Commercial) and B-5 General Swimming Pool Contractor (Residential)
A-7 Piers and Foundations (Commercial)
C-74 (CR-74) Boilers, Steamfitting and Process Piping, Including Solar (Commercial)
CR-65 Glazing (Residential/Commercial)
CR-62 Reinforcing Bar and Wire Mesh (Residential/Commercial)
C-49 Industrial Refrigeration (Commercial)
C-37 (CR-37) Plumbing (Commercial)
CR-12 Elevators (Residential/Commercial)
C-4 (CR-4) Boilers, Steamfitting and Process Piping (Commercial)
B-3 (CR-61) Limited Remodeling and Repair Contractor (Residential/Commercial)
CR-48 Ceramic, Plastic and Metal Tile (Residential/Commercial)
CR-42 Roofing (Residential/Commercial)
CR-41 Septic Tank and Systems (Residential/Commercial)
C-58 (CR-58) Warm Air Heating, Evaporative Cooling and Ventilating (Residential/Commercial)
R-39R/C-39 (CR-39) Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (Residential/Commercial)
R-39/C-79 (CR-79) Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Including Solar (Residential/Commercial)
C-78 (CR-78) Solar Plumbing, Liquid Systems Only (Residential/Commercial)
CR-34 Painting and Wall Covering (Residential/Commercial)
CR-31 Masonry (Residential/Commercial)
CR-15 Blasting (Residential/Commercial)
CR-67 Low Voltage Communications Systems (Residential/Commercial)
R-9/C-9 (CR-9) Concrete (Residential/Commercial)
CR-8 Floor Covering (Residential/Commercial)
C-68 Mobile Home Remodeling and Repair
C-41R Precast Waste Treatment Systems
C-77 (CR-77) Plumbing, Including Solar (Commercial)
C-11 (CR-11) Electrical (Commercial)
BME Business Management
B General Residential Contractor and B-2 General Small Commercial Contractor
B-4 General Residential Engineering
B-1 General Commercial Contractor
A General Engineering (Commercial)
CR-7 Carpentry
NASCLA-Accredited Examination