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Construction Work Regulated?

Who Regulates Construction?


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Construction Work Regulated?

Every aspect of commercial, residential, and public works construction of $1,000 or
more, is regulated at the State level.

Owners performing work on their own residence or contracting with licensed
contractors to perform work on their residence, are exempt from license requirements.

Who Regulates Construction?

Applications for all types of Contractor, Electrician, and Plumber licenses are available

Applications may be picked up in the lobby of the:
Heber M. Wells Building
160 East 300 South
Salt Lake City, UT B4111

Telephone or written requests should be directed to:

Utah Department of Commerce
Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing
Post Office Box 146741
Salt Lake City, UT B4114-6741
(801) 530-6628/Fax (801) 530-6511


An applicant's qualifying individual must pass the required examinations with a
minimum score of 70%. Electricians must pass with a minimum score of 75%.
Examinations cover Business Law and the specific trade. Testing is done by a private
testing company under contract to the State.

As of December 1, 2017, an applicant qualifying individual must complete an approved
25 hour pre-licensure education course. The course includes construction business
practices; bookkeeping fundamentals; mechanics lien fundamentals; and other aspects
of business and construction principles considered important by the Commission with
concurrence of the Director.

Proof of liability insurance with minimum coverage of $100,000/$300,000.

Applicants that have employees, must provide evidence of registration with
Department of Workforce Services for unemployment insurance, Utah State Tax
Commission, IRS for payroll taxes, and workers compensation insurance.

Applicants must demonstrate financial responsibility by answering in a financial
questionnaire in the application. Financial responsibility, liability insurance and
workers compensation (if applicable), and al l other requirements of licensure must be
maintained as long as a license is active.

Contractors are issued up to, but no more than 3 licenses with no more than
3 classifications per license. The initial application fee is $225.00 for the first
classification, $175.00 for each additional classification, and $50.00 for each additional
Qualifier. Contractor licenses expire November 30th of every odd year and November
30th of every even year for Master Electricians and Master Plumbers. Each renewal
cycle, contractors are required to obtain 6 hours of continuing education.

Qualifier Experience: Qualifier experience is only required for E100 General
Engineering, B100 General Building, and R100 Residential and Small Commercial
Building, excluding electrical and plumbing, must pass the required examinations
with a minimum score of 70%. Two years of experience lawfully performed within the
10-year period preceding the date of application under the general supervision of a
licensed contractor, one year shall be in a supervisory or managerial position. A person
holding a four-year Bachelor's Degree or a two-year Associate's Degree in Construction
Management, may have one year of experience credited towards the supervisory or
managerial experience requirement. Specialty/Sub classifications required the 25 hour
Course Certificate.

Approval from the Utah Construction Services Commission is required before an S700
license classification can be issued.

A current certificate from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners
(NABCEP), is required for the E202 Solar Photovoltaic license classification.

Electricians: Continuing education is required for the renewal of Master, Journeyman,
Residential Master, Residential Journeyman, and Apprentice Electrician licenses.
Continuing education consists of 16 hours of related course work, with a mini mum of
12 hours on current edition of the National Electrical Code. In order to perform work as
a General Electrical or Residential Electrical Contractor, a contractor is also required
to have a Utah licensed Master Electrician or Residential Master Electrician as its
qualifier. Licenses a re renewed November 30th of every even year (2 year cycle).

Electricians must complete all education and at least 6,000 hours of experience before
they can be approved to take the eXc1minations.

Plumbers: To do work as a general or residential plumbing contractor, the contractor is
required to have a Utah licensed Master or Residential Master Plumber as its qualifier.
Licenses are renewed November 30th of every even year (2 year cycle). Continuing
education is required for the renewal of the Master, Journeyman, Residential Master,
Residential Journeymen, and Apprentice Plumbing license. Continuing education
consist of 12 hours of related coursework, with a minimum of 8 hours on current
edition of the international Building, Mechanical, Plumbing Codes and Utah Building
Code amendments as adopted or proposed for adoption; the Americans with Disability
Act; medical gas, National Fire Protection Association 13 D and 54; and hydronics and
waste water treatment.

Plumbers must complete all education and at least 6,000 hours of experience before
they can be approved to take the examinations.


Utah offers a licensure pathway known as licensure by endorsement. This is often
confused with reciprocity. It is the responsibility of the applicant to demonstrate
that the Utah requirements have been satisfied. The requirements for licensure by
endorsement are established by Utah Code Ann§ 58- 1-302.

All applicants for endorsement must be a resident of the State of Utah in order to apply
for licensure by endorsement.

As Utah no longer requires experience or eXc1ms for specialty contractors, the licensure
by endorsement only applies to the general contractor classifications which still
require experience and eXc1ms - the B100 General Building Contractor, E100 General
Engineering Contractor, and R100 Residential/Small Commercial Contractor. Specialty
contractors are not eligible for licensure by endorsement.

All applicants for endorsement are still required to have their qualifiers pass the Utah
Business Laws & Rules EXc1m. Each qualifier is required to pass the Utah Business Law
and Rule Exam . DOPL's testing provider will electronically send the results of your
examination directly to DOPL. Applicants must apply directly to PSI Examination
Services at or (800) 733-9267 to register for the examinations.
Submit the fees directly to the testing agency. Do not submit your application until you
have passed any required exams.
Utah Test Preparation