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7-48 Painting, Coating, and Blasting (Industrial and Commercial) (2017-09-14)

Painting, Coating, and Blasting (Commercial and Industrial) is a closed book, 50 multiple-choice question examination covering all aspects of painting and coating relating to construction. Listed below is only a sample of the many good references available on this subject which may be helpful in studying for this examination. This is not a comprehensive listing. Please note that it is not necessary to read all of the books in order to pass the examination. Rather, this list is intended to suggest what types of books might be useful in helping to acquire the basic knowledge needed to perform this type of work. We try to keep this list current with books in print, but some books go out of print from time to time. These books may be available in your local library's collection or through your local library by using the services of Inter-Library Loan. If still in print, these books may also be available through your local bookstore or by contacting the publisher.

These products apply to test outline dated 2017-09-14

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Open Book These books are allowed while taking your test.
Closed Book These books are for pre-test study only and are not available for use during the test.

  • Closed Book

    Good Painting Practice

    4th Edition


    Provides a detailed overview of the procedures, materials, and equipment used for surface preparation and coating work on industrial steel and concrete structures. Contains information on a wide range of topics—from the fundamentals of surface preparation and coating application—to recent advances in alternate coating removal technologies—to the complexities of painting specific facilities and structures, regulations affecting the coatings industry, strategies for the development of maintenance coating programs, and more.

  • Closed Book

    Painting and Decorating: Skills & Techniques

    Publication Year: 2000

    Painting and Decorating is a highly illustrated, comprehensive text covering the fields of painting and decorating. The easy-to-follow approach teaches how to select coatings, prepare surfaces, and choose application methods. Chapters on using color, planning, and estimating time and material provide the groundwork. Other chapters describe unique processes, such as finishing wood or applying specialty coatings. Six chapters are devoted to wall-coverings and their applications.


  • Closed Book

    Painting and Decorating Craftsman's Manual and Textbook

    Publication Year: 1995
    8th Edition


    An informative review of architectural, commercial, and industrial painting practices. Discusses coating materials, surface preparation, application methods and equipment, rigging, safety, coating failures, wall coverings, and more. Published by the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA).