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Uniform Plumbing Code 2012

Uniform Plumbing Code 2012
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The UPC established minimum requirements and standards for the protection of the public health, safety and welfare. 101.2 Scope. The provisions of this code shall apply to the erection, installation, alteration, repair, relocation, replacement, addition to, use, or maintenance of plumbing systems within this jurisdiction. Includes all potable water, building supply, and distribution pipes; all plumbing fixtures and traps; all drainage and vent pipes; and all building drains, and building sewers, including their respective joints and connections, devices, receptors, and appurtenances within the property lines of the premises and shall include potable water piping, potable water treating or using equipment, medical gas and medical vacuum systems, liquid and fuel gas piping, and water heaters and vents for same.

Edition 2012
Shipping Time 4-5 Days
Publisher IAPMO