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Construction Work Regulated?

Who Regulates Construction?


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Construction Work Regulated?

Virtually every aspect of commercial, residential and public works construction is regulated at the state level in New Mexico. This includes general, mechanical, pluming, electrical and natural and LP gas work. Manufactured Housing is regulated by HUD and Manufactured Housing Division.

Homeowners building a residence for themselves, or acting as their own general contractor and contracting with licensed sub-contractors are exempt from the licensing requirements; however, such homeowners must obtain a Homeowners Building Permit, inspections, and a Certificate of Occupancy from the state or local jurisdictional building departments as applicable. This Homeowners Permit exemption only applies to general construction. Homeowners may also qualify for Homeowner permits for electrical work and for plumbing work by passing an exam, and are subject to passing inspections for this work as well. All other mechanical work such as HVAC, natural or LP gas, and fire sprinklers must be performed by validly licensed contractors.

Who Regulates Construction?

Some political subdivisions that have building departments and inspectors approved by CID are granted permitting and inspection authority within their jurisdictions.

Information regarding plan reviews, permits, inspections and consumer complaints is available from:

Construction Industries Division Regulation and Licensing Department
Post Office Box 25101
Santa Fe, NM 87504
Phone(505)476-4700/Fax (505)476-4702
Web address:

Information regarding licensing requirements, applications and instructions, and other information may be obtained from CID's licensing vendor:

PSI Exam Services
2820 Broadbent Parkway NE Suite E & F
Albuquerque, NM 87107
Phone 8n-663-9267/Fax (505) 433-5266


The applicant's qualifying party must submit evidence of experience required for the license classification being sought (two or four years), as well as passing all required trade exams and a business & law exams with minimum scores of 75%. A 20-hour course taken from a provider approved by the division may be substituted for the business & law examination.

A $10,000 Consumer Protection Code Bond is required of all licensees and is a condition of licensure. If a contractor fails to correct code violations that are identified through an investigation process, the Division can authorize re lease of the bond for assistance in correcting building code violations ca used by a licensee. Failure to maintain the bond results in cancellation of the license.

Licensees are required to maintain Worker's Compensation Insurance. There are no other insurance requirement for licensure. There is no requirement for financial screening ( Financial Statements, Credit Checks, etc.). We currently do not have a recovery fund but are looking at the possibility of utilizing that as a means for consumer relief.

A certificate of competence is required for any journeyman performing electrical, mechanical and/or plumbing work. The approval ratio for non-journeyman to journeymen is 3:1 for residential work and 2:1 for commercial work. 16 hours of Continuing Education is required for renewal of a journeyman certificate . Certificates are issued for a 3 year period.

Contractor License and Journeyman Certificate Fees:

Fees are exclusive of gross receipt tax.

License Type / Application Fee / Exam Fee / License and Renewal Fee / Certificate of Qualification

Contractor: GA-98*, GF-98* and MM-98* $30 $65/ $100/yr $6
EE-98*, GB-98* / $30 / $250 / $100/yr / $6
ER-1, GB-2 / $30 / $100 / $50/yr $6
Additional Classifications / $30 / $65 / $50/yr 100/yr / $6
Journeyman: Electrical, Mechanical, and Boiler / N/A / $65 / $25/yr / N/A

*Classifications require multiple exams. The renewal cycle is 3 years.

New Mexico belongs to a multi-state reciprocity group for journeyman electricians. Applicants who are originally certified in these states are mutually excluded from exam requirements if applying for certification in other states from the group. The states include: Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming.

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