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C-17 Lathing and Plastering (2017-05-01)

The selection and application of wood and metal lath and any other material or product manufactured to provide key or suction bases for the support of plaster coatings, including channel iron for the support of fireproof lath and solid plaster partitions, but does not include any plastering or erecting of a wall, ceiling or soffit to which the bases are applied, the coating of surfaces with a plaster, made of a mixture of such materials as sand, cement, quicklime, hydrated lime and water, and the installation of lath or other base for the plaster, the installation and coating of gypsum wallboard and sheathing, including the installation of a system of suspended ceilings made of gypsum wallboard, the installation of wood, mineral, fiber and other types of acoustical tile by the use of adhesives or other acceptable means, including the preparation of the surface for the installation, the application to surfaces, whether by manual or mechanical means, of coatings made of stucco and cement, including the preparation of the surfaces and the provision of a base, including fireproof lath, for the coatings, and the fireproofing of structural members, the erection and installation of studs made of sheet metal for the framing of ceilings and nonstructural partitioning walls.

40 Questions
70% Minimum Passing Score
1½ Hours

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  • Closed Book

    Gypsum Construction Handbook 2014

    Publication Year: 2014


    The tried-and-true Gypsum Construction Handbook is a systematic guide to selecting and using gypsum drywall, veneer plaster, tile backers, ceilings, and conventional plaster building materials. A widely respected training text for aspiring architects and engineers, the book provides detailed product information and efficient installation methodology. The Seventh Edition features updates in gypsum products, including ultralight panels, glass-mat panels, paperfaced plastic bead, and ultralightweight joint compound, and modern specialty acoustical and ceiling product guidelines. This comprehensive reference also incorporates the latest in sustainable products.
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    Plastering Skills

    Publication Year: 1984


    This text describes construction techniques from mixing materials to special surface finishes. Solutions to common plastering problems such as cracking and dryout are given. The how-to chapter on ornamental plastering is relevant for both journeymen and apprentices.
  • Closed Book

    Code of Federal Regulations, 29 CFR Part 1926 (OSHA) 2017

    Publication Year: 2017


    Make compliance with dense government safety regulations simple with MANCOMM’s 29 CFR 1926 OSHA Construction Industry Regulations. Updated through January 2017, the book provides you with a comprehensive set of the most up-to-date Construction regulations. Utilizing MANCOMM’s signature formatting approach – RegLogic – this edition includes notations for changes within the past year and letters of reference.