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South Carolina Electrician (2021-08-05)

There are 80 questions in this examination. You will need to answer 56 questions correctly in order to pass. You are allowed 5 hours to complete this examination. NOTE: All Electrician - Commercial Contractor candidates are required to pass the Business Management and Law for Contractors Examination and the Electrician Examination. Note: SC Electrician-Commercial Contractor candidates have a choice of trade exams. They can elect to take either the NASCLA Accredited Examination Trade Examination for Electrical Contractors which is accepted by multiple state agencies or the SC Electrician state specific exam. There are differences in these exams. See the additional information outlined in this bulletin for each exam to compare the differences and determine which exam best fits your business needs. In addition to the number of examination items specified, a small number of "experimental" questions will be administered WWW.PSIEXAMS.COM 14 to candidates during this examination. The use of such questions is an essential step in developing accurate future examinations. These questions will NOT be scored, however, for this examination time to answer them has been added to the time allowed.

1. General Electrical Knowledge (9 Items)

2. Service, Feeders, and Branch Circuits (9 Items)

3. Grounding and Bonding (9 Items)

4. Conductors and Cables (9 Items)

5. Raceways and Boxes (9 Items)

6. Special Occupancies and Equipment (2 Items)

7. Electrical Power (7 Items)

8. Motors (7 Items)

9. Low Voltage (2 Items)

10. Lighting (5 Items)

11. Illuminated Signs (2 Items)

12. Fire Detection and Alarm Systems (2 Items)

13. Safety Information (8 Items)

The reference material listed below was used to prepare the questions for this examination.  The examination may also contain questions based on trade knowledge or general industry practices. Except for Code books, you can base your answers on later editions of references as they become available.  For Code questions, the examinations will be based only on the edition of the Code book that is listed.

These products apply to test outline dated 2021-08-05

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Open Book These books are allowed while taking your test.
Closed Book These books are for pre-test study only and are not available for use during the test.

  • Open Book

    NFPA 72: National Fire Alarm Code, 2007 Edition

    2007 Edition


    Stay on the leading edge of alarm system advances with the 2007 NFPA 72. Heightened risk awareness and changing safety dynamics have changed the role of alarm and signaling systems in protecting life and property. With new sophisticated technical advances and solid research findings have improved their ability to meet the new demands. It is in response to and out of this dynamic environment that the 2007 edition of NFPA 72: National Fire Alarm Code has emerged.

  • Open Book

    Blank Quick Reference Tabs


  • Open Book

    Key Word Index


  • Open Book

    Roofing Construction & Estimating

    Publication Year: 1995


    Installation, repair and estimating for nearly every type of roof covering available today in residential and commercial structures: asphalt shingles, roll roofing, wood shingles and shakes, clay tile, slate, metal, built-up, and elastomeric. Covers sheathing and underlayment techniques, as well as secrets for installing leak proof valleys. Many estimating tips help you minimize waste, as well as insure a profit on every job. Troubleshooting techniques help you identify the true source of most leaks. Over 300 large, clear illustrations help you find the answer to just about all your roofing questions.

  • Open Book

    Code of Federal Regulations, 29 CFR Part 1926 (OSHA) 2021


    All Federal Construction Regulations (29 CFR 1926) are included in this “perfect bound” book in an easy-to-read, two-color layout.

    All 29 CFR 1926 regulations for construction industry are included along with the following items:

    29 CFR 1903 regulations covering inspections, citations, and penalties
    29 CFR 1904 regulations covering recording and reporting occupational injuries and illnesses
    OSHA keyword dictionary
    Easy to find OSHA interpretations

  • Open Book

    NFPA 70: National Electrical Code (NEC) Handbook 2017


    Rewritten and extensively updated, the full-color 2017 edition NEC® Handbook is the most practical and powerful resource for electrical design and installation today. Success in the electrical industry depends on your grasp of NFPA 70®: National Electrical Code® requirements and your ability to apply them correctly. Based on the 2017 NEC, the NEC Handbook clarifies concepts for a better understanding of the Code. It's a powerful communication tool that helps you explain the NEC to clients and others who might not have professional electrical training. The new NEC Handbook reflects industry trends and Code changes that impact residential, commercial, and industrial work. Order the 2017 edition of the NEC Handbook, the resource trusted by electrical contractors, engineers, electricians, safety officials, inspectors, and architects nationwide. (Hardbound, 1,367 pp., 2017)

  • Open Book

    NFPA 70: National Electrical Code Tabs 2017


  • Open Book

    American Electricians' Handbook 17th Edition

    Publication Year: 2021
    17th Edition


    The most popular electricians' handbook for the past 95 years has been completely updated to provide the latest NEC and NESC rules and standards, and new references to solar power, photovoltaics, induction lighting, and more.